[LI] Terminology relating to transcription & translation

For various work that involves recordings in one language and text in another, there is a shortcut for which there is no name. Three postings on LinkedIn relating to that and the lack of attention to transcription. "A terminological issue in cross-language qualitative methods," Don Osborn, Beyond Niamey, 28 September 2017 (posted September 2017) There … Continue reading [LI] Terminology relating to transcription & translation


[LI] Investing in translation; diverse approaches to problems

Two separate items posted on LinkedIn during July 2017. I found a common thread in the valuing of linguistic diversity.  "Why don’t companies invest in translation?" Teresa Sousa, Translation Journal, July 2016 (posted July 2017) Parts of this 7/2016 discussion by Teresa Sousa are also relevant to organizations working in international development. A couple of differences … Continue reading [LI] Investing in translation; diverse approaches to problems