[LI] Whither resumes? (4 items)

Four items posted to LinkedIn from late summer to autumn 2017 regarding problems with, and future of, the resume. That future could involve automated resume-writing and eventual move to a dynamic "AI" curriculum-vitae.* Time is ripe to automate resume writing - thoughts on another "how to" seminar, (posted August 2017) Seminars about how to craft … Continue reading [LI] Whither resumes? (4 items)


[LI] Towards AI for job seekers?

  On this International Labor Day, May 1, I'd like to take a moment to look at how intelligent automation or "artificial intelligence" (AI) might do more for the employment market, and especially for job seekers, and ultimately how it might transform it. Could we ultimately have intelligent agents - AI bots, in effect - … Continue reading [LI] Towards AI for job seekers?

[LI] What if your resume “kept on file”​ didn’t just sit there?

Not long ago I passed on resumes of two professionals - who happen to be green card holding refugees - to a recruiter I know and got the courteous standard response about their credentials being circulated and held on file for possible future openings. This and a couple of items seen recently about what it … Continue reading [LI] What if your resume “kept on file”​ didn’t just sit there?