[LI] “TurboResume”?; the salary history question

Two items posted to LinkedIn in April 2018, which relate to different aspects of the job search. The first pivots off of a list of perceived flaws in a resume that may get an application rejected, and the second spotlights another opinion on how to respond to questions about past salaries. "6 reasons recruiters say … Continue reading [LI] “TurboResume”?; the salary history question


[LI] Whither resumes? (4 items)

Four items posted to LinkedIn from late summer to autumn 2017 regarding problems with, and future of, the resume. That future could involve automated resume-writing and eventual move to a dynamic "AI" curriculum-vitae.* Time is ripe to automate resume writing - thoughts on another "how to" seminar, (posted August 2017) Seminars about how to craft … Continue reading [LI] Whither resumes? (4 items)

[LI] What if your resume “kept on file”​ didn’t just sit there?

Not long ago I passed on resumes of two professionals - who happen to be green card holding refugees - to a recruiter I know and got the courteous standard response about their credentials being circulated and held on file for possible future openings. This and a couple of items seen recently about what it … Continue reading [LI] What if your resume “kept on file”​ didn’t just sit there?