[LI] One emergent AI property; 7 expected AI advances

One item posted to LinkedIn in April 2018 about an(other) unexpected result from research on AI, and another item posted in May on seven expected areas for AI advances in 2018. The potential of AI seems to be measured in the unexpected, while its value is calculated in the expected. "AI Learns to Read Sentiment … Continue reading [LI] One emergent AI property; 7 expected AI advances


[LI] Terminology relating to transcription & translation

For various work that involves recordings in one language and text in another, there is a shortcut for which there is no name. Three postings on LinkedIn relating to that and the lack of attention to transcription. "A terminological issue in cross-language qualitative methods," Don Osborn, Beyond Niamey, 28 September 2017 (posted September 2017) There … Continue reading [LI] Terminology relating to transcription & translation