[LI] Sociolinguistics of development & girls’ education in Africa

Two separate items posted on LinkedIn in August & October 2017 relating to the importance of languages in development, and first language instruction for increasing girls' education levels in Africa. Sociolinguistics of Development in Africa (posted 23 August 2017)  Finally reading Paulin Djité's Sociolinguistics of Development in Africa, 2008. Shd be req'd for all in … Continue reading [LI] Sociolinguistics of development & girls’ education in Africa


[LI] African languages & mobile phones

Two items on mobiles in Africa, one of which deals explicitly with language interfaces, the other of which evidently doesn't broach the question. Posted on LinkedIn in summer 2017. "MTN Zambia executive details language challenges," MobileWorldLive.com, 12 July 2017 (posted July 2017) Interesting account of MTN Zambia's offering of services in 7 Zambian languages (in … Continue reading [LI] African languages & mobile phones