September 11, 2001 in Niamey

For Americans (and many others), "where were you on 9/11?" is in the same category as an earlier generation's "where were you when President Kennedy was assassinated?" There are some events that are etched in the common memory, and a few that then stay there as their longer term impact becomes apparent. Here is a … Continue reading September 11, 2001 in Niamey


Mountainbiking in the Futa Jalon, 1986-87 (a Peace Corps retrospective)

A recent story in Wired magazine, "The Roots of Dirt: How Mountain Bikes Went From Clunkers to Global Phenomenon," brings to mind a brief personal experience with the genre in Guinea, West Africa in the mid-1980s. Since bicycling in the Vienna, Virginia area was a topic on this blog previously, I thought it would be … Continue reading Mountainbiking in the Futa Jalon, 1986-87 (a Peace Corps retrospective)

Reflections of a Vienna bicyclist

For various reasons, I've been doing a lot of bicycling over the last few months in Vienna. No, not that Vienna (dream on), rather the one in Virginia, not too far from Washington, D.C. This has me thinking about a number of things: transportation, energy, environment, sociology of bicycles, etc. In this season, bicyclists really … Continue reading Reflections of a Vienna bicyclist