[LI] Four categories of “work” in Japanese & “ikigai”

"Work" in English can mean a number of things, but it is often used synonymously with job or employment. On a high level then, without getting into very specific kinds of activity, "work" is generally paid (a job) and when it isn't, it isn't called work, or is given a modifier to set it apart. … Continue reading [LI] Four categories of “work” in Japanese & “ikigai”


[LI] Terminology relating to transcription & translation

For various work that involves recordings in one language and text in another, there is a shortcut for which there is no name. Three postings on LinkedIn relating to that and the lack of attention to transcription. "A terminological issue in cross-language qualitative methods," Don Osborn, Beyond Niamey, 28 September 2017 (posted September 2017) There … Continue reading [LI] Terminology relating to transcription & translation