[LI] West of ikigai: Skilled, motivated, & paid, but not needed?

The ikigai meme - a Venn diagram intended to show how overlapping of work you Love, are Good at, that the world (or some part of it) Needs, and that you can be Paid for can lead to finding purpose (ikigai) - seems to me to lend itself to discussion of aggregates of work. I previously "misused" this diagram in that way … Continue reading [LI] West of ikigai: Skilled, motivated, & paid, but not needed?


[LI] North of ikigai: Skilled, motivated, needed, and unpaid

As part of a larger inquiry about the nature of the world of "work," I previously (mis)used the Venn diagram that has been "memed" as an expression of "ikigai" to raise some questions and speculations. That diagram (two modified versions with set notation are in header) proposed that as individuals we can find our ikigai, or purpose, at … Continue reading [LI] North of ikigai: Skilled, motivated, needed, and unpaid

Vertical forests in the Sahara?

According to a recent article in the New York Times on "The Allure of Vertical Forests," cities currently cover about 3% of the Earth's land. However, some forecasts say that population growth and migration could push that proportion up to about 10% by 2030. And it's pretty certain that almost all of that will go … Continue reading Vertical forests in the Sahara?

[LI] Physiological reactions to IVR & voice AI?

Has anyone done any research on physiological reactions of people when their phone calls are answered by a interactive voice response (IVR) vs. a person? Personally, I'm sure "voice misrecognition" systems raise my blood pressure - like facing a gauntlet of inevitable miscues. Reason behind frequent frustration with this is a problem common to all … Continue reading [LI] Physiological reactions to IVR & voice AI?

Assimilation – in the 21st century?

What does "assimilation" (in its socio-cultural sense) really mean in an age of globalization, easy digital communication, international integration, migration, and recently in the wake of recrudescent nationalisms? On a vary basic level, we know that assimilation refers to a process by which individuals of a more or less distinct group (perhaps indigenous, immigrant, or … Continue reading Assimilation – in the 21st century?