[LI] Physiological reactions to IVR & voice AI?

Has anyone done any research on physiological reactions of people when their phone calls are answered by a interactive voice response (IVR) vs. a person? Personally, I'm sure "voice misrecognition" systems raise my blood pressure - like facing a gauntlet of inevitable miscues. Reason behind frequent frustration with this is a problem common to all … Continue reading [LI] Physiological reactions to IVR & voice AI?


[LI] Self-driving possibilities; AI limitations

Two posts on LinkedIn regarding implications of "self-driving" technologies, and interaction of people with AI. How autonomous can AI be, and how in various different applied settings? "Self-driving technology is going to change a lot more than cars: How self-driving technology could transform everything from retail to transit," by Timothy B. Lee, Ars Technica, 29 … Continue reading [LI] Self-driving possibilities; AI limitations

[LI] One emergent AI property; 7 expected AI advances

One item posted to LinkedIn in April 2018 about an(other) unexpected result from research on AI, and another item posted in May on seven expected areas for AI advances in 2018. The potential of AI seems to be measured in the unexpected, while its value is calculated in the expected. "AI Learns to Read Sentiment … Continue reading [LI] One emergent AI property; 7 expected AI advances

[LI] “TurboResume”?; the salary history question

Two items posted to LinkedIn in April 2018, which relate to different aspects of the job search. The first pivots off of a list of perceived flaws in a resume that may get an application rejected, and the second spotlights another opinion on how to respond to questions about past salaries. "6 reasons recruiters say … Continue reading [LI] “TurboResume”?; the salary history question

[LI] Farmers “prisoners” to tech; “democratize” AI

Two items on who controls technological development and tools, posted to LinkedIn in March and April 2018. I also see an important issue of path dependency - where we are today, and the choices we have, are a function of decisions & actions yesterday. So, what should we be alert to in choices being made … Continue reading [LI] Farmers “prisoners” to tech; “democratize” AI