[LI] AI, HR, recruitment & the individual

Several items posted on LinkedIn in late summer and early fall 2017 regarding how automation is being used and perceived as developing in hiring and the workplace. Includes one from 5 years ago when the dialogue was more from the perspective of "big data." Also re-upped current observations about LinkedIn's attempts to automatically serve suggested … Continue reading [LI] AI, HR, recruitment & the individual


[LI] Jobs as problem; work as broken; jobs not as work

Three different items posted to LinkedIn about work, jobs, and the two confounded. This space seems in tumult, in part because of rise of intelligent automation. However it would certainly help to think more clearly about work and jobs being separate concepts, even as they are related (the latter a subset of the former).  "Jobs … Continue reading [LI] Jobs as problem; work as broken; jobs not as work

[LI] An employment “filter bubble”?

Apparently "70% of people in 2016 were hired at a company where they had a connection," per publicity tweeted by LinkedIn. This puts a number on the old saying, "it's not what you know but who you know." But beyond exhortations to network harder, what else might such a statistic tell us about the job … Continue reading [LI] An employment “filter bubble”?

[LI] AI & the future of work, jobs, income & wealth

In his LinkedIn article "Why the future of work is a National emergency," Michael Spencer outlines what he sees as the threat of automation (which increasingly involves artificial intelligence - AI) for employment, and the ramifications of this in the economy. Here's an alternative view. First and most important is to disaggregate "work" on the … Continue reading [LI] AI & the future of work, jobs, income & wealth