Zipper-merging & traffic as a system

Northbound on US Interstate 75 near the Ohio-Michigan border last week, I came to a stretch of highway where road repairs necessitated closing all but the right lane. Cars in front began finding openings in the already slowing lane to my right, and all of a sudden I found myself alone with an empty lane … Continue reading Zipper-merging & traffic as a system


[LI] Democracy’s “wins”​ depend on how well electoral systems work

Lloyd Pierson's Jan. 20 LinkedIn article about the peaceful transition of power in the US - in which he remembers former Beninese president Nicéphore Soglo's opinion that "democracy always wins" - prompts some thoughts about candidates respecting the outcomes of elections, and on the electoral structures and election mechanics that make possible the reflection of … Continue reading [LI] Democracy’s “wins”​ depend on how well electoral systems work