Four millets: More grains & the “millet spectrum”

The word "millet" in English is an inexact term. It can refer to any one of a number of cereals that have roundish grains, of which the four most cultivated worldwide - pearl/bajri, foxtail/xiaomi, proso, and finger/ragi - have been highlighted in the previous posts in this series. It can also refer collectively to all … Continue reading Four millets: More grains & the “millet spectrum”


Four millets: 4. Proso millet

Proso millet (Panicum miliaceum) is the fourth millet to be profiled in this series and the third most widely produced in the world. It may have originated in what is now northeastern China, but spread to other parts of Asia and to Europe in ancient times. Proso is described on the sites of the Agricultural … Continue reading Four millets: 4. Proso millet

Four millets: Recognizing the differences

"Millet" can actually refer to any one of several related but distinct kinds of grains, though you wouldn't know it seeing the term in lists of ingredients, statistics on crop production and trade, or some articles about food and nutrition (for example, this otherwise nice article on The good news is that (1) each … Continue reading Four millets: Recognizing the differences