[LI] Power, productivity, & wealth (2 items)

Two items posted to LinkedIn, which highlight incongruities in wealth and income, and their relative relationships to power and productivity. "While your salary stays the same, CEOs keep getting raises," by Eillie Anzilotti, Fast Company, 16 Aug 2018 (posted August 2018) Hmmm... "CEO compensation rose by 979 percent" - "far faster than stock prices or … Continue reading [LI] Power, productivity, & wealth (2 items)


[LI] AI & the future of work, jobs, income & wealth

In his LinkedIn article "Why the future of work is a National emergency," Michael Spencer outlines what he sees as the threat of automation (which increasingly involves artificial intelligence - AI) for employment, and the ramifications of this in the economy. Here's an alternative view. First and most important is to disaggregate "work" on the … Continue reading [LI] AI & the future of work, jobs, income & wealth