[LI] Physiological reactions to IVR & voice AI?

Has anyone done any research on physiological reactions of people when their phone calls are answered by a interactive voice response (IVR) vs. a person? Personally, I'm sure "voice misrecognition" systems raise my blood pressure - like facing a gauntlet of inevitable miscues. Reason behind frequent frustration with this is a problem common to all … Continue reading [LI] Physiological reactions to IVR & voice AI?

Reflecting on “Computing’s Final Frontier”

In the March issue of PC Magazine, John Dvorak comments on four areas of computer technology in his column entitled "Computing's Final Frontier": voice recognition; machine translation (MT); optical character recognition (OCR); and spell-checkers. Basically he's decrying how little progress has been made on these in recent years relative to the vast improvements in computer … Continue reading Reflecting on “Computing’s Final Frontier”