This WordPress.com began as a “mirror” of the Multidisciplinary perspectives blog on my persMdP5onal site, donosborn.org, to which were added occasional posts from my LinkedIn page. It serves currently as a kind of backup for content on those sites.

The current name of this site, Multidisciplinary reflectives, is a play on the name of the blog and the concept of mirroring content.

For more information on Multidisciplinary perspectives, please see the “About” page on that site. There is also a Facebook page for the blog.


I first set up this WordPress.com site in April 2015, before getting the original blog back online the following December (two posts in April and May 2015 that first appeared on this site have since been copied back to donosborn.org, so the content on the two is parallel). I imported content from the blog at the end of 2015, and have copied over new entries since that time.

In January 2017 I copied over 10 posts originally made using the blog feature of LinkedIn, with some minor modifications on links to facilitate browsing this content on this site for those who do not use that service. There are of course links back to the originals. Any future posts I make on LinkedIn will also be duplicated here. (The LinkedIn posts are also archived under “Other blogs” on Multidisciplinary perspectives.)

With the integration of content from another source, the name of this site, which had been the same as the blog it mirrored, was changed to Multidisciplinary reflectives.

– Don Osborn


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