[LI] “TurboResume”?; the salary history question

Two items posted to LinkedIn in April 2018, which relate to different aspects of the job search. The first pivots off of a list of perceived flaws in a resume that may get an application rejected, and the second spotlights another opinion on how to respond to questions about past salaries. "6 reasons recruiters say … Continue reading [LI] “TurboResume”?; the salary history question


[LI] Useless job interviews; recruiters’ tools converse

Below are two separate items (not articles) posted to LinkedIn in April & May 2017. They each consist of a link plus a brief discussion. The theme again is aspects of the job market in the wake of automation. "The Utter Uselessness of Job Interviews," New York Times, 8 April 2017 (posted ~9 April 2017) In my developing … Continue reading [LI] Useless job interviews; recruiters’ tools converse