[LI] A 4-sphere Venn?; mythical retention data graphic

Two items posted to LinkedIn in late April 2018, on how concepts and data may be presented. The first takes another look at a problem and solutions of a 4-circle Venn diagram as used in the popular ikigai illustration. The issue is displaying all possible overlaps, which┬áis accomplished either by a special arrangement of four … Continue reading [LI] A 4-sphere Venn?; mythical retention data graphic


[LI] Questions re AI, data, & jobs

Below are 15 separate items (not articles) posted to LinkedIn between December 2015 and December 2016 .They each consist of thought or a link plus a brief discussion. These relate to various aspects of advanced technology - what goes under the name "artificial intelligence (AI) - data, and the job market. An underlying concern in … Continue reading [LI] Questions re AI, data, & jobs