[LI] Physiological reactions to IVR & voice AI?

Has anyone done any research on physiological reactions of people when their phone calls are answered by a interactive voice response (IVR) vs. a person? Personally, I'm sure "voice misrecognition" systems raise my blood pressure - like facing a gauntlet of inevitable miscues. Reason behind frequent frustration with this is a problem common to all … Continue reading [LI] Physiological reactions to IVR & voice AI?


A chess game with 32 intelligent pieces?

Chess is a game designed for two players. All the experiments with ever more advanced computers playing either against humans or each other naturally conform to this assumption. But what if the game were changed so that each piece were artificially intelligent (AI), made its own moves, and the decision about which piece on a … Continue reading A chess game with 32 intelligent pieces?

“Dangling this” drip torture, or the “poor man’s clickbait”

It may not rise to the level of "torture," but it sure is annoying - the constant resort to a "dangling this" in hyperlinks intended to entice readers to click on them. What comes to mind, especially after observing its use, is the water drip torture - often referred to as "Chinese water torture" or … Continue reading “Dangling this” drip torture, or the “poor man’s clickbait”

[LI] One emergent AI property; 7 expected AI advances

One item posted to LinkedIn in April 2018 about an(other) unexpected result from research on AI, and another item posted in May on seven expected areas for AI advances in 2018. The potential of AI seems to be measured in the unexpected, while its value is calculated in the expected. "AI Learns to Read Sentiment … Continue reading [LI] One emergent AI property; 7 expected AI advances

[LI] Whither resumes? (4 items)

Four items posted to LinkedIn from late summer to autumn 2017 regarding problems with, and future of, the resume. That future could involve automated resume-writing and eventual move to a dynamic "AI" curriculum-vitae.* Time is ripe to automate resume writing - thoughts on another "how to" seminar, (posted August 2017) Seminars about how to craft … Continue reading [LI] Whither resumes? (4 items)

[LI] AI, HR, recruitment & the individual

Several items posted on LinkedIn in late summer and early fall 2017 regarding how automation is being used and perceived as developing in hiring and the workplace. Includes one from 5 years ago when the dialogue was more from the perspective of "big data." Also re-upped current observations about LinkedIn's attempts to automatically serve suggested … Continue reading [LI] AI, HR, recruitment & the individual

[LI] African languages & mobile phones

Two items on mobiles in Africa, one of which deals explicitly with language interfaces, the other of which evidently doesn't broach the question. Posted on LinkedIn in summer 2017. "MTN Zambia executive details language challenges," MobileWorldLive.com, 12 July 2017 (posted July 2017) Interesting account of MTN Zambia's offering of services in 7 Zambian languages (in … Continue reading [LI] African languages & mobile phones