Assimilation – in the 21st century?

What does "assimilation" (in its socio-cultural sense) really mean in an age of globalization, easy digital communication, international integration, migration, and recently in the wake of recrudescent nationalisms? On a vary basic level, we know that assimilation refers to a process by which individuals of a more or less distinct group (perhaps indigenous, immigrant, or … Continue reading Assimilation – in the 21st century?


New look

I've just changed the theme template of Multidisciplinary Perspectives to give it a different look. This is the first change of appearance since I started it just over 10 years ago. The three columns are retained, though in a different arrangement. The rest of the blog is basically the same, though some minor changes will … Continue reading New look

Reframing “renewable energy” & “bioenergy”

Popular usage of the term "renewable energy" is problematic, because it includes two distinct classes or sub-categories of energy sources: On the one hand, forms of bioenergy that serve as fuels for vehicles,¬†feedstock for power plants (i.e., biomass,¬†biofuels, etc.), and all the way down to firewood for cookstoves; and on the other hand, a set … Continue reading Reframing “renewable energy” & “bioenergy”

“Dangling this” drip torture, or the “poor man’s clickbait”

It may not rise to the level of "torture," but it sure is annoying - the constant resort to a "dangling this" in hyperlinks intended to entice readers to click on them. What comes to mind, especially after observing its use, is the water drip torture - often referred to as "Chinese water torture" or … Continue reading “Dangling this” drip torture, or the “poor man’s clickbait”

[LI] A shorter job-day; reconceptualizing types of work

Two items concerning how we think about "work" posted to LinkedIn in May 2018. The first is another in what is becoming a mini-genre of articles about the potential for the standard job/work-day being less than the familiar 8 hours. The second is an older academic article discussing how we categorize different types of work, … Continue reading [LI] A shorter job-day; reconceptualizing types of work