[LI] AI’s languages; swarming bots

Two items posted on LinkedIn in July & September 2017 about machines arriving at solutions - together & without direction - and what this might mean for our development and use of, and indeed learning from, their capabilities. "Intelligence artificielle : les machines préfèrent parler dans des langues que nous ne comprenons pas," Romain Bonnemaison, PaparGeek.fr, … Continue reading [LI] AI’s languages; swarming bots


[LI] Bots, chatbots, & job applications

Below are three separate items (not articles) posted to LinkedIn on 24-25 April 2017. They each consist of a link plus a brief discussion. The theme again is aspects of the job market in the wake of automation. "Resume Apps and Tricks to Get Past the Bots," Uncubed.com, 24 May 2017 (posted 24 May 2017) This is … Continue reading [LI] Bots, chatbots, & job applications