[LI] Farmers “prisoners” to tech; “democratize” AI

Two items on who controls technological development and tools, posted to LinkedIn in March and April 2018. I also see an important issue of path dependency - where we are today, and the choices we have, are a function of decisions & actions yesterday. So, what should we be alert to in choices being made … Continue reading [LI] Farmers “prisoners” to tech; “democratize” AI


[LI] AI for HR (2 items)

Two posts on LinkedIn in February and April 2018 concerning the outlook on AI for human resources (HR). Worth noting again that the development of AI is all either for HR, including their recruiting/hiring functions, and intermediaries that may offer services to job seekers as well as recruiters. "Decoding AI for HR," Bill Kutik, Human … Continue reading [LI] AI for HR (2 items)