An International Year of Millets?

India is celebrating 2018 as its National Year of Millets. This follows a proposal by the government of India to the United Nations (UN) in late 2017 to make 2018 the International Year of Millets (which I'll abbreviate IYOM). The purpose of IYOM would have been to highlight the importance of diverse millets for for … Continue reading An International Year of Millets?


[LI] Pay transparency; work only for money

Two items posted to LinkedIn in November 2017 and March 2018. These have to do in different ways with remuneration - one the case for pay transparency and the other that making money should be one's career focus. (The arguments for the former make sense; those for the latter aren't convincing.) "Why you should know … Continue reading [LI] Pay transparency; work only for money

[LI] “Work” & “jobs” in English; kinds of “work” in Japanese

Three posts to LinkedIn in Jan.-Mar. 2018 concerning distinctions about types of "work" in English and Japanese. This is part of exploring the difference between "work" and "jobs"/"employment" in English, and discovery of a set of terms in Japanese (and German) describing different kinds of (or meanings associated with) "work." 2 Japanese expressions (posted January … Continue reading [LI] “Work” & “jobs” in English; kinds of “work” in Japanese